Not all Tribulus products are created equal. Unfortunately, many Tribulus products on the market today are lacking efficacy—causing you to see very little results. It’s vital to understand what you should look for and what has been scientifically proven to aid in boosting testosterone levels.
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What is Tribulyze?

First and foremost, you need to look at a Tribulus product standardized to (a certain percentage of) protodioscin.  Tribulus products rich in protodioscin have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men, supports hormone balance in women and even increasing lean muscle mass and strength

How to be sure you have a high quality Tribulus product:

• Your Tribulus product should be standardized to protodioscin
• Standardized extracts are superior to 20:1, 50:1…100:1 extracts
• Tribulus that has a high concentration of protodioscin is darker in color, is a bit sticky to the touch, and has an extremely noticeable odor to it.