Exubol is a natural, drug free supplement for serious trainers, bodybuilders, power and strength athletes. Pure extract of the Ajuga Turkestanica plant boosts your body’s inbuilt recovery and performance abilities. Enjoy unheard-of recovery capacity, immune support, and inflammation management.

$ 14.00

What is Exubol?

Exubol is the 100% natural, non-hormonal game changer. You won’t find pure Turkestorone on the supplement market. Why? Simple answer: it’s way too expensive to extract, produce, and manufacture.

We found an answer. You can access the incredible power of Turkesterone with Ecdysterone to unlock the synergistic effect of these two incredibly powerful plant ecdysteroids). Ajuga Turkestanica is a known source of Turkesterone, and the Ajuga in Exubol delivers a standardized 10% Turkesterone and 10% of Ecdysterone, plus 10% of other phytoecdysteroids including iridoids.

Bullet-proof your toughest training efforts with a daily dose which protects your body where it needs it most. Discover how jaw-dropping natural supplements canbe when they’re done as well as this!