Ecdynize marks an end to your search for a naturally effective anabolic support supplement. Its meticulously designed formula uses nature’s most ingenious raw plant-based ingredients. It's designed to boost protein biosynthesis and buffer training stress… naturally.

$ 21.00

What is Ecdynize?

We use the purest pharma-grade Ecdysterone (min 96% pure) isolated from Rhaponticum Carthamoides. Don't fall for sub-standard alternatives. Unlike some other ecdysterone extracts, we use HIGHLY-BIOACTIVE ecdysterone at levels which really work. No hidden numbers, no proprietary blends, and no fillers. You’re only getting effective levels of the active ingredient that work.

To further the point from above, aside from stress in everyday life, Ecdynize has been shown to promote faster recovery times. The restorative effect of Ecdynize has been noted in the athletes during intense training sessions.

One of the studies showed that Ecdynize resulted in a 69% increase in adaptation to training conditions, a 86% increase in appetite (nutrient intake is critical for muscle mass), and a 78% increase in endurance during a training cycle.

Ecdynize and Drug Tests

The use of Ecdynize by athletes is completely safe as it will not result in a positive test result.