For millennia Shilajit has been harvested from high in the Himalayas. At the very least it is composed from centuries of decomposing plants. However, there may just be some special shit (yes, real shit) that loads Shilajit with nutrients improving your overall health.

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What is Altajit?

Fulvic and humic acids abound in Shilajit and these acids have been shown to restore minerals to your body while also purging toxins. They work in conjunction to increase energy levels by enhancing your body’s natural production of adenosine triphosphate.

Shilajit is also mineral-rich with iron, silicon, and silver. Iron promotes blood cell function and enzyme synthesis. Silicon attributes to collagen production, muscle tone, and skeletal strength. Silver has been long used to fend off infections.

Why Altajit Capsules

Altajit capsules come packed with convenience and loaded with the active ingredient Shilajit. All that power packed into a tiny tablet carried in your pocket or purse. These capsules reduce cholesterol and blood sugar in an easy to carry form taken 2-3 times per day. Capsules give you the portability option without losing any potency. This option provides the same increased energy and allows for no-mess in this simple form.