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5 Ways To Improve You Testosterone Levels


  • 5 Ways To Improve You Testosterone Levels

    5 Ways To Improve You Testosterone Levels (No Doctor’s Note
    Don’t risk expensive hormone replacement therapy with unknown health
    effects. These test boosting methods are 100% natural - and they work.
    Testosterone needs no introduction. It’s the hormone at the heart of
    masculinity, strength, muscle, and fertility. Every guy knows what it is,
    what it enables him to do - AND how it feels to not have enough of it.
    When do you think our natural test levels start to drop? 50? Maybe 40
    (even 40 sounds young!) The shocking truth is that our natural
    testosterone levels peak in our late teens (remember feeling as good as
    you did when you were 18?) After 30, testosterone levels drop off
    rapidly, unless you do something about it.
    You’re not going to give up on the situation. So what’s the best course of
    action? Most guys think that boosting testosterone has to involve
    medical intervention, even though it carries a ton of expense and
    potential side effects.
    But there is lots of other things you should try before you even think of
    visiting your Doctor for hormone replacement therapy. Support your
    body with natural solutions, lifestyle changes, and common sense health
    improvements, and your body will respond.
    On the surface, getting medical testosterone replacement therapy
    seems like the obvious solution. But if you’re smart, you’ll think twice
    before doing the exogenous route. HRT is expensive, you’re paying to
    put control of your hormones into the hands of your Doctor. Wouldn’t you
    rather work with your body, not against it, and learn how to actually
    support your body’s natural ability to produce test?
    Then there’s the question of long-term safety. Testosterone
    Replacement Therapy still hasn’t been thoroughly researched. Are you
    really willing to be the guinea-pig generation for medical procedure with
    unknown health risks? It’s not your only option.
    Give your body a chance to support itself with natural options that keep
    you firmly in control. Research shows that there are organic compounds
    that stimulate the release of your body’s natural testosterone.
    Protodioscin is the one with the most compelling research evidence.
    Studies (and real life evidence) show Protodioscin to be effective in

    raising men’s natural testosterone levels by stimulating the release of
    luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland, which then goes to the
    testes where it stimulates testosterone production.
    The 7 Key Benefits Of Optimal Testosterone
    … because it’s about so much more than muscles.
    Optimal testosterone levels can help fight low mood and depression.
    Studies have shown that men suffering from depression usually have
    low test levels, too. (1)
    Higher levels of testosterone have a direct impact on your ability to get
    lean, and stay leaner. Testosterone helps regular insulin and plays a role
    in fat metabolism. Low test levels mean you’ll find it harder to shift body
    fat, and you’ll probably notice a different pattern in where you store fat.
    Testosterone plays a huge role in muscle protein synthesis, which
    enables your body to train harder and recover better so you’ll build
    muscle mass and increase strength. (3)
    Muscles are important, but bone strength matters too. After all, your
    skeleton is the frame which everything else relies on. Test stimulates
    bone mineralization and increases bone density. Even more reason to
    keep test levels high as you get older. (4)
    Testosterone boosts your libido and actually improves your erections
    (it’s a sex hormone, after all). (5) Lack of interest in sex, a low libido, and
    erectile problems can be the first signs of low T.
    Studies have shown that testosterone increases your capacity for risk-
    taking, especially in your career. (6) Don’t let low test levels affect your
    status, performance, or income at work. Keep hustling even whilst other
    guys are winding down for retirement.
    Optimal test levels actually make you more attractive to women,
    according to this 2011 study. (7) It’s about more than the confidence of
    an alpha male. It’s actually directly linked to your levels of testosterone.

    4 Ways You Can Start To Boost Testosterone In 24 Hours
    Forget expensive medical hormone therapy. There’s plenty you can start
    doing right now to support your body’s own test levels with zero risk.
    Step 1: Diet and exercise
    Eat sufficient protein (minimum of 1g per 1lb bodyweight), choose
    healthy carbohydrate sources, and add healthy fats for optimal hormone
    Add healthy fats. Do regular cardio exercise, and lift weights. Plus don’t
    forget the importance of daily activity outside of the gym.
    Step 2: Eliminate tobacco and alcohol
    You know it makes sense. Stop smoking, and reduce alcohol if you can’t
    give it up entirely. An unhealthy body will struggle to achieve optimal
    hormone balance, because it’s got too much else to do. So give your
    body a fighting chance. It’s not as young as it used to be.
    Step 3: Take sleep seriously
    Aim for at least 7 hours of good quality, restful sleep at night. Keep your
    bedroom dark and quiet (eliminate light from outside, and light from
    electronics). And stop going on your phone or tablet last thing at night.
    The blue light disrupts sleep quality, and the temptation to stay up late
    scrolling social media is too strong.
    Step 4: Natural testosterone boosters
    Scientific research tells us that there are evidence-based supplements
    which have a measurable effect on boosting testosterone levels. The
    best is Protodioscin, an organic compound that has a ton of solid data
    behind it. Protodioscin is the active part of Tribulus (which is why you
    should never buy simply “Tribulus”, because it’s the Protodioscin dose
    you need to look out for). It helps your body stimulate its own
    testosterone, so you won’t need a prescription or go through any Post
    Cycle Therapy.
    Protodioscin is effective in raising natural testosterone levels, by
    stimulating your body’s luteinizing hormone which has a direct impact on
    testosterone production.

    Make sure you actually buy an effective source of Protodioscin, with the
    % listed on the label. Tribulyze is the best Protodioscin delivery system,
    with a reliable 40% minimum Protodioscin every time.
    Get it right now at [url][/url]
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    • 5 Ways To Improve You Testosterone Levels
      5 Ways To Improve You Testosterone Levels (No Doctor’s Note
      Don’t risk expensive hormone replacement therapy with unknown health
      effects. These test boosting methods are 100% natural - and they work.
      Testosterone needs no introduction. It’s the hormone at the heart of
      masculinity, strength, muscle, and fertility. Every guy knows what it is,
      what it enables him to do - AND how it feels to not have enough of it.
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