Exubol: The Ultimate Compliment to Your AAS/PCT Cycle

When it comes to making progress with your physique, not only do genetics along with proper training and nutrition come into play, but also hormones.  Let’s face it, we don’t all come out of the womb and are blessed with higher than normal testosterone levels that allow us to put on lean muscle mass with ease—think of a mesomorph where it seems like with each breath they are gaining size.  Not everyone has the genetics to be a star athlete or bodybuilder.  For that reason, some people go the route of using AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids).  If that’s for you great, no judgement passed here. 

Exubol thrown in at the end of your cycle can be extremely beneficial.  You can even use the product between your cycles as well to keep adding size.  If going the route of AAS is not for you and you want to stay natural, Exubol has the ability to give you similar results and can aid you in achieving astonishing results in the gym without the risks involved of going on a cycle. 

How can Exubol help you when coming off-cycle?

Depending on the type of AAS cycle you are coming off of, more than likely your body will need to start producing its natural form of testosterone again.  The AAS cycle for most will decrease, if not completely shut down, your natural testosterone production.  For that reason, it’s recommended that everyone come off of their AAS cycle using some type of PCT (post-cycle therapy). 


Exubol is a great addition to a PCT cycle as it can aid in protein synthesis thanks to the phytoecdysteroids found in the product.  These phytoecdysteroids also allow you to preserve your gains during the post cycle therapy and can even aid you in adding quality lean muscle mass when coming off cycle (assuming you still have the proper nutrition in place along with a solid training protocol).  Another benefit of Exubol is that you’ll be able to keep majority of your strength gains from when you were on cycle—something most people see a decline in when coming off their cycle.  Being on an AAS cycle can also be damaging to the organs.  Another way to help your organs recover is through Exubol thanks to its ability to naturally improve organ functioning.  The benefits of Exubol go past its abilities to help in the gym.  Exubol combines everything you’ve ever wanted in the gym along with health benefits to keep your body functioning properly both coming off of a cycle as well as a stand-alone by itself. 

How can Exubol be used as a stand-alone product or for between cycles?

Exubol uses the natural power of high-dose plant ecdysteroids (Turkesterone and Ecdysterone).   These ecdysteroids help stimulate muscle growth and can help improve overall strength.  This generally isn’t normal for a natural product on the market. 














Exubol uses the natural power of high-dose plant ecdysteroids

For that reason, Exubol is a great product to use as a natural anabolic not only between AAS cycles, but also for true naturals looking for a way to put on size and improve their strength gains in the gym.  In addition to the ability to put on size,

Exubol can increase your metabolism which can help keep off body fat.  How many people do you know who were on cycle and came off not only lost some of their gains, but also put on some body fat?  Exubol can help ward off unwanted body fat and help keep you looking lean.


I’m an athlete, can I use this product?

Absolutely!  Exubol is a plant-based non-hormonal product.  There are no synthetic hormones used in the product.  In fact, including Exubol in your supplement regimen will not only give your natural testosterone production a boost, but it will also help you recover faster as well—helping you perform at the highest level of your abilities.  Due to the product aiding in inflammation management, and boosting your immune system, you will find your overall performance and endurance will be improved as well.  When you are looking for the next big thing in terms of getting the edge on your competition, you really have no need to look any further than Exubol

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Author: Matt Weik